Write It Down

by Wolves At Heart

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Our 2nd EP release


released March 31, 2011

All Music by Wolves At Heart
All Lyrics by Keir O'Donnell
Design by stevenhillgraphicdesign.com
Photo by John Farrell
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Chris Killingsworth and Dan Killingsworth



all rights reserved


Wolves At Heart Glasgow

We play pop punk

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Track Name: Fingers Crossed
If I'm being careful with what I say, then I guess I'm not saying much at all. I know I really can't complain, but nothing means much to me most days. I know your mind can wander, but mine just ran away. If you think I'm happy barely getting by, you've got me all wrong.

If I could stop getting in my own way, maybe I could get to sleep. If today wasn't a complete waste, but coming close isn't close enough for me.

So I made an appointment, to get someone to notice, and I found I don't need someone to ask, "Hey kid, how hopeless are you feeling today?" Just keep your head down and it'll work out. Sorry I can't believe in that. Cause those are just words, and they don't work, but thanks for thinking that I'm worth pulling back. I know your mind can wander, but mine just ran away. I don't want to say that it was fate, but maybe I had it coming.

If I could stop getting in my own way, maybe I could get to sleep. If today wasn't a complete waste, but coming close isn't close enough for me, but coming close is still the best I've been all week
Track Name: Half The Losing Battle
Subtlety's not my strong suit, and I think patience is a waste of time. My first impression is the last you'll see from me, and I try to stay busy to make up for the time it takes to get to sleep. I'm unphased, but admit I'm ill-prepared.

I wouldn't be surprised if you thought that I was done, but I never thought that growing up would let me down this much. I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I'd given in. I just hope I'll never have to feel half as bad again.

Some day I'll be productive, and responsive, someone that you would notice. I'm not great at giving good advice, cause I learned to find the upsides but content is still a climb. I'm okay, but I could be better.

Don't think you're missing out. It's all just talk, until you find someone who doesn't care about the things you haven't got
Track Name: It's Time To Go Home
They say one day you'll wake up old, and that's not hard to see when everyday you wake up not sure how you got home. It feels like there's nothing else to do, but I'm sick of justifying nights with nothing to hold on to, but these sad attempts at conversation. They leave me feeling bored. I don't want to relate, to the way you need to get fucked up just to feel okay, but sometimes I can't help but feel the same.

We can only stand being in the same room, when we can barely stand at all. Sorry I can't hear a word you're saying, but I don't think I'm missing much.

I'm saying to myself, "Just loosen up, how hard could it be?" but it feels like this night is on infinite repeat, and I've never felt so alone, than when left here in this crowded room, with nothing to hold on to, but these failed attempts at conversation. I'd be better off on my own. Now I've remembered what I had to say. I'll never know if you heard me or cared either way, cause you'll all just nod along to make me feel okay.

It's not worth repeating, when you're not really listening. I said, it's not worth repeating when you're not really listening. Just know, you won't feel the fall, when you can't hear your head, when it's been trying to tell you, "It's time to go home"
Track Name: Why Did I Even Come Here?
Your sighs aren't making any sense. I'll try to do my best, but nothing I say is making any difference. To your sour attitude, or the tension slowly building around us in this room. Just another contradiction, from a stubborn opposition, but you won't listen cause you're too caught up to catch up now.

Let's talk it out, when you have something to say. Let's hear what's wrong, and why I'm the one to blame. Let's talk it out, when you're able to speak, cause I hate this silence, but I could use the sleep.

Don't call this a conversation. This is just an overreaction, or something completely misheard, by your tired head. I don't know why you do this. I never meant it the way you heard it. Just another contradiction, your threats aren't holding my attention, and I don't want to listen anymore.

This is a tug-of-war on a frozen lake, and I hope you drop the rope and walk away. If this is something you would miss, then it's not too late to fix it. This is a tug-of-war on a frozen lake, and I hope you drop the rope and walk away. I wasn't ready for this, I wasn't ready for you.
Track Name: Write It Down
You'll miss it when it's gone or so they say, but it's also not worth keeping if your good intentions have faded away. If you're keeping your head down towards the ground, you'll never fall, but you'll never leave this town.

If we only listen to our friends, then we'll go down together. There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Please stay the same. I hope you never change, cause you're the only ones that still believe in me.

Don't think you're the only one that's not too sure, about what went wrong, and how this is harder than it ever was before. We don't all see each other every other day, so I'm writing down the things I couldn't say, any other way.

I still need your help, though you know I hate to ask. You've learned to move on, and I'm yet to react. Don't forget the ones that you know, one day you'll need the most.