Be Your Own Best Friend

by Wolves At Heart

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'Be Your Own Best Friend' is our first physically released EP.


released March 29, 2010

Keir O'Donnell - Guitar+Vocals
Matt McDaid - Guitar+Vocals
Brendan Brownlie - Drums
Eamonn Brownlie - Bass

All music by Wolves At Heart
All lyrics by Keir O'Donnell

Recording/Mixing by Chris Killingsworth and Dan Killingsworth

Design by Steven Hill
Photography by Shaun Murawski



all rights reserved


Wolves At Heart Glasgow

We play pop punk

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Track Name: Sorry Excuse For A Scene
I know it's rare now
but in this scene of frauds and fakes
there are still a few of us
who have something to say

Hoping to stand out
but you all just look the same
We hope you listen,
and sing along for the right reasons

I got so tired, of being held down
We need to, we need to turn it around
I know I've said, 'I'd rather start again'
but we're not giving up yet
Track Name: Be Your Own Best Friend
if you could read my mind,
it wouldn't be a pretty sight
the point has come and gone,
and when it does it always comes out wrong
sometimes I stare straight at the sun,
sometimes I forget to fill my lungs,
and I forget the words to my own songs

what more am I to say
you wouldn't believe me anyway
well I guess it's up to me, everythings been a guess lately
and I've always had my doubts,
but not enough to say anything out loud
you wouldn't believe me anyway

it's either too trivial or overblown,
for me to tell you what's going on,
and our time's too short to explain

even if I had the guts to say
you wouldn't believe me anyway
you'll miss the point I'm trying to make
you wouldn't believe me anyway
Track Name: You Can't Buy A Backbone
you’ll go out of your way
and into mine so you can say
“I’m the one he wrote this song about”

you caused a mental breakdown
that caused the words I wrote down
I don’t know why you would be so proud

don’t identify
with their well worn lies
open up your eyes
and don’t keep blindly singing

don’t identify
with their well worn lies
it’s just the same disguise
that you fell for last time

they keep their lyrics vague
so that more kids can relate
no one seems to complain
to me they all just sound the same
better than average ain’t too hard these days
but real talent is still a rarity

at least I base this
on things that happened
not just imagined
and wrote for your consumption

I know you’ll take this
all out of context
still glad that you’re in the crowd
“oh shit, did I say that out loud?”
Track Name: This Is What You Get
don't say you saw this coming
or you'd have turned your back and kept running

don't second guess a chance you'll miss
don't hold the phones or hold your breath
don't second guess a chance you'll miss

we place the blame so easily
I'll walk the plank so you can see
we both take sides on a sinking ship
and this time I hope the water wins

this is what you get
when you mock the very trends you set

don't say "I guess it's for the best"
don't try and cry just for effect
dont say "that isn't what I meant"

when all is said and done this time
I'll say and hope it comes out right
this was always doomed right from the start
I'm surprised we even got this far
Track Name: We Still Try
every now and then I pretend
that you and me aren't so different
but what we've come to expect
is a lack of remorse and of regret

but the truth is we both miss
the time we spent
investing in our new sins
cause we're trying to forget

sooner or later
the sooner the better
the better off we'll be be

this might be unforgivable
but just give us time, just give us time
and we might be irredeemable
but we still try, we still try

every now and then I pretend
that we'll admit we're average at best
but my lack of common sense
keeps me firmly in your head

surrounded by people we don't need
and all the things you'll never keep
when you call for help that's when you'll see
you don't know the first thing about

sooner or later
but not for the better
you're becoming more like me

don't think this comes with ease
tell me you're trying to make this work
don't complain if you've got nowhere else to be
tell me you're trying to make this work